Get IPTC Photo Metadata

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The tables below show the IPTC Field Names in alphabetical order in the left column, they are linked to the specification in the IPTC Photo Metadata Standard. The terms XMP, IIM and Exif in {}-brackets show which metadata format was used for embedding values. The [..sync..] terms indicate if values are synchronizes across formats, they are linked to more information.
Fields with multiple occurrences show an index in []-brackets as prefix of the value.
Read this page with more information about what the Get PMD site does and shows.
Go to the IPTC Photo Metadata User Guide for information about how the fields should be used.

IPTC Photo Metadata fields
relevant for photos shown as result by search engines

Field Name {used Format(s)}Field Value
Copyright Notice {XMP,IIM,Exif} [sync2]© Copyright 2020 IPTC (Test Images) -
Creator {XMP,IIM,Exif} [sync2][1] Jane Photosty,
Credit Line {XMP,IIM} [sync1]IPTC/Jane Photosty
Licensor {XMP}
[1] Licensor ID
[1] Licensor NameIPTC - International Press Telecommunications Council
[1] Licensor Address[no value]
[1] Licensor Adress Detail[no value]
[1] Licensor City[no value]
[1] Licensor State or Province[no value]
[1] Licensor Postal Code[no value]
[1] Licensor Country[no value]
[1] Licensor Telephone Type 1[no value]
[1] Licensor Telephone 1[no value]
[1] Licensor Telephone Type 2[no value]
[1] Licensor Telephone 2[no value]
[1] Licensor Email[no value]
[1] Licensor URL
Web Statement of Rights {XMP}

Use by Google Image search

Shown next to an image - if found (since 2018)

  • Copyright Notice, {XMP} or {IIM} or {XMP,IIM}
  • Creator, {XMP} or {IIM} or {XMP,IIM}
  • Credit line, {XMP} or {IIM} or {XMP,IIM}

Shown with the Licensable badge - if found (since September 2020)

  • Web Statement of Rights {XMP}: if it exists the Licensable badge is set
  • Web Statement of Rights {XMP}: if it holds a valid URL it is used as link of License details
  • Licensor URL field in a Licensor {XMP)}: if it holds a valid web URL it is used as link for Get this image on

Mapped structured HTML metadata

See below structured HTML metadata using the vocabulary mapped from the existing IPTC photo metadata and using the JSON-LD format:

  "@context": "",
  "@type": "ImageObject",
  "url": "",
  "copyrightNotice": "© Copyright 2020 IPTC (Test Images) -",
  "creator": "[1] Jane Photosty, ",
  "creditText": "IPTC/Jane Photosty",
  "acquireLicensePage": "",
  "license": ""