Get IPTC Photo Metadata

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The tables below show the IPTC Field Names in alphabetical order.
For fields with multiple values they are separated by a comma.
Go to the IPTC Photo Metadata User Guide for information about the fields and how to use them.

IIM - IPTC Photo Metadata Fields

Field NameField Value
Creator (IIM)Creator1 (ref2017.1)
Creator Jobtitle (IIM)Creator's Job Title (ref2017.1)
Copyright Notice (IIM)Copyright (Notice) 2017.1 IPTC - (ref2017.1)
Credit (IIM)Credit Line (ref2017.1)
Description Writer (IIM)Description Writer (ref2017.1)
Instructions (IIM)FBMD01000af40e0000ca230000033f0000794600003951000023710000f89300001c9a0000d7a0000016aa0000dfdd0000
Job Id (IIM)LbUHbWIBprxwcnjdDr60
Source (IIM)Source (ref2017.1)

XMP - IPTC Photo Metadata Fields

Field NameField Value

Exif - Fields related to IPTC Photo Metadata

Field NameField Value
Creator (Exif - Artist)Creator1 (ref2017.1)
Copyright Notice (Exif)Copyright (Notice) 2017.1 IPTC - (ref2017.1)

Any other data

Field NameField Value
Exiftool Version used by this system10.79